Super Sausages

Lift (lbs): 15
Sale price$67.00 USD


The Super Sausages (CBSS) are totally enclosed safety sausages that should be part of every diver's equipment. They have an oral inflation valve, an overpressure/dump valve, and a reflective strip at the top for high visibility at night.

They can be used as a signaling device or for extra floatation and also as a lift bag for raising items from deep water. Super Sausages are constructed from bright yellow 200 denier urethane-coated nylon fabric. They roll up into a much smaller roll than Personal Floats.
 Model Number Lift (lbs) Shipping Weight (lbs) Height x Diameter (in) Volume at Surface (63lbs/cu ft)
CBSS-20 20 1 75" x 3.5" 0.3 cu ft
CBSS-25 25 1 96" x 3.5" 0.4 cu ft

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