Enclosed Pillow Lift Bags

Carter Lift Bag, Inc.SKU: CBEP-250

Lift (lbs): 250
Sale price$351.00 USD


Enclosed Pillow Bags are totally enclosed, with over-pressure valves to vent expanding air as they ascend. The advantage of Pillow Bags over Open Bottom Bags is that they can attain their maximum lift in much less water.

For this reason, they are excellent for raising sunken boats and towing jobs. Like the Boulder Bags and the Ocean Salvage Tubes, all Pillow Bags come with brass quick-disconnect fittings attached to a short filler hose (connects to 1/4" pipe thread).

Please see the table below for sizes and specifications.

 Model Number Lift (lbs) Shipping Weight (lbs) Width x Height (in) Volume at Surface (63lbs/cu ft)
CBEP-250 250 5 45 x 32 4.0
CBEP-500 500 9 56 x 36 8.0
CBEP-1000 1000 13 50 x 52 16.0
CBEP-2000 2000 22 86 x 52 32.0
CBEP-4000 4000 37 96 x 75 64.0
CBEP-6000 6000 46 96 x 87 95.0

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