Spear Fishing Floats

Model: Standard
Sale price$111.00 USD


The Spear Fishing Floats are smaller versions of the personal floats. They are designed to be used by spear fishermen to bring speared fish to the surface. They lift 25 lbs and can also be used as small lift bags or as buoys to mark dive locations.

They have a one-way mouth inflation valve and an over-pressure valve. They can be ordered with an optional 38-gram CO2 inflation cylinder. The CBFF-25/CO2 is shown in the photo.

Model Number Shipping Weight (lbs) Height x Diameter (in) Volume at Surface (63lbs/cu ft)
CBFF-25 2 40" x 4" 0.4
CBFF-25/CO2 4 40" x 4" 0.4

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