Carter Lift Bag, Inc. manufactures a variety of sophisticated, durable, underwater air lift bags for all of your diving and lifting needs.

A Carter Bag is the only piece of diving equipment that can pay for itself each time it is used!

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Lift Bags

OPEN BOTTOM LIFT BAGS (great for sport divers and light salvage)
ENCLOSED PILLOW BAGS (excellent when you need maximum lift in shallow water)
SALVAGE TUBES (highly versatile bags for pipe-laying, construction projects and raising sunken boats)
BOULDER BAGS (can be used as air jacks to exert several thousand pounds of force over a large area)
PROPELLER BAGS (specifically designed for installing and removing boat propellers)
(can be used for personal safety or to mark valuable finds on the bottom)
(designed to bring speared fish to the surface)



REPAIR KITS (Large and Small)
FISH STICKS (colorful clear stickers depicting spectacular fish)


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